How Often Should You Write And Revisit Your Personal Goals?

At the heart of the law of attraction, knowing exactly what you want is the very thing that will allow you to start the journey in the first place. Writing and setting your goals is key to a strong manifestation process and a detailed goal will show your subconscious mind the shortest road to your desires in exact.

Knowing when to write your goal is also equally important. Similar to a new year’s resolution, as humans, these kinds of reasons give us a boost in wanting to change for the better and this case, form a goal. Experts even believe that setting a monthly goal is healthy because it builds your confidence which is a trait of high frequency when you are interacting with the universe in the practice of this law.

When you set a goal of 3000 dollars by end of a month and then achieved it for example, your assurance is now increased knowing that you have already passed it. A fixed goal set within a certain time will allow it to be measurable, steady and be easily reminded of it. Keep in mind a plan of when to write your goals regularly.

Besides having a goal writing plan, what is a way to review and measure them?

Set Up Milestones Or Smaller Goals Leading Up To It.

You can now track your progress and as you cross each milestone, and it is proof to you that the law of attraction is working. The joy in meeting these smaller goals will keep you uplifted hence maximizing the manifestation process.

Some examples include if you plan to lose 20 kg in 2 months, form your mini goals for losing 5 kg in 2 weeks or similar. If you want a job at a desired company in a month, aim to have at least 2 interactions within 2 weeks be it an interview or a call to follow up. What if you want your dream car in the next 6 months? You can have monthly goals of attaining fixed amounts of money for assurance that enough will be accumulated in time.

Within goal setting and tracking, we should remember that goals can become superseded or be outdated. There maybe a need to modify or change your aims when circumstances change, otherwise both us you and the universe are going to have a hard time getting on the same page again!

It is not that we you are failing, but your intentions failed to vibe with the universe in your initial goal because we you had resistance. You could very well be a vibrational counterpart to your goal in a different form.

For example, if your goal was to get a promotion at your office and your time has surpassed, think about the consequences if it were to happen. Does it require you to be based elsewhere? Are you happy being further bounded with the company or is this your chance to grow with a new environment? We should always be conscious to the side effects our goal to begin with to avoid resistance build-up.

Also the more you sit with an unresponsive goal, the more anxious and impatient you are going to get and you start repelling good energy.

Here, detachment from the outcome is important to form a better goal. For example, if you’re suddenly faced with news that a family member is ill and you have additional medical cost to bear, that could delaying you from financial freedom. You may want to detach from your goal and form a new one to include your current situation for better alignment with the universe.

Detachment is gaining more hope in getting what you want but still basking in the process that takes you there, all the more preventing your negativity. When you are still positive and okay with where you are now, the manifestation process will only speed up.

What we can take away from this, article is firstly that timeliness of your goal setting is important. You want to have significantly set goals that will be embedded in your daily routine and motivate you further. You want to have goals that are significant to you in terms of the time of creation and its importance and relevance. That will motivate you further to achieve it.

Secondly, to keep track of your main goals, milestones are just as important leading up to them, to keep our momentum going. Last but not least, know when the need arises for us you to adjust your goals to always meet your current environment. You’ll be doing both yourself and the universe a favor.