Is The Law Of Attraction Really Real?

We’ve heard of the power of visualizing our dreams and wanting it badly enough for the universe to work its way and make it come true. It is said that the universe picks up on the frequency or energy of our dreams if we our imaginations our focused and positive.

Is this all too good to be true? Or are we missing out on a big chunk of our successes and sooner?

We first take a look at how the law of attraction came to form.

Its origins are traced back to ancient times. It would not have been known by name then but the law was seen in ancient Egypt through Hermes Trismegistus, wise and known for listing similar laws of that which govern the Universe in The Seven Hermetic Principles.

Buddha is also known as one of the first, if not the first, to present this concept. Roughly translated, he said “What you have become is what you have thought.” Besides, karma may also be rooted to the law of the attraction which states we get what we give out. If we are good, we will receive goodness in return, similar to that of which is required by the law of attraction. .”

What we know as the law of attraction today is part of The New Thought Movement from the 19th century strongly contributed by Thomas Troward. His works were also a big reason to the production of The Secret, a 20th century take on the law of attraction by Rhonda Byrne as well as other authors alike.

Now that we’ve seen where it comes from, is there evidence to the law of attraction? There have been various research conducted on the matter such as brain imaging studies that showed our thinking did conform to the law and some even stated that even with our eyes closed, our brain can light up to have similar emotions to what we are exposed such as happiness, fear etc. We apparently attract these emotions as we are connected to that of which is in front of us.

In 1984, Dr. John Universe theorized through an experiment that the universe exists because we are watching it. The way we look at a particle determines what it is doing now and everything that lead up to it. This does not prove that money will be handed to you after you visualize it but what it does say is that consciousness can affect the world outside of it opening it up to possibilities. You can read more about it here at:

Now there are of course skeptics that say the only thing backing up the law of attraction is the testimony of the people that have experienced it. At the end of the day, there is no concrete proof as to how investing our time into law of the attraction can pay off in the realization of our dreams and desires.

Rather than calling it bogus, we like to encourage the approach of the law of the attraction by eliminating its misconceptions. One example is that nothing will be manifested if you don’t change anything in your life throughout your goal setting. Nothing will fall into your lap without your positivity to take whatever comes at you head on. The challenges are the workings of the universe leading you to your goal and you have to be confident for it.

In the end, there is no harm in beginning to incorporate the law into your life. It is moments of your time spent aligning yourself with your goals to advance from your current state. It is beneficial because with the law of the attraction asks you to focus on good energy and to go after what you want. It also tells you to be grateful with what you have and receive to practice humility. That itself is peace in a lifestyle that everyone can value from for a healthy mind and body.

You don’t have to drop everything and devote your whole life to the law of attraction. The idea is to supplement what you have with these expert techniques for a better tomorrow. Everyone is different and it might take longer for some than others but what have you got to lose?