Deliberate Intent- Powerful Goal Setting

The law of attraction revolves around sending our goals out with into the universe with positive energy to for a resonated response. This in turn, is believed to help us achieve them. We can’t start forming goals if we don’t exactly know what we want. An obvious, yet overlooked issue for many.

Goal setting is not a walk in the park. A vague goal will not at all help straighten our subconscious thinking. Success of manifesting our goals and desires comes down to how we set them up for the universe.

We should not just base our goal setting on the qualities of life. For instance, perhaps you write down a goal of ‘I want to be rich.’ That is an example of a sloppy goal and you are not telling the universe enough. What is rich to another person may not be rich to you. For all you know, you already meet the definition of being rich! A measurable goal will tell you exactly when you have achieved it.

In being more specific in a goal, like adding a date to it for example, also becomes a form of commitment towards practicing the law of attraction. Constant practice of the law will of course strengthen the manifestation process.

More often we don’t put up detailed goals because we are afraid of failure and that shows a lack of confidence. This will evidently reflect back to us and further loosen our manifestation capabilities.

The need to know exactly what you want, to maximize the manifestation, is also so that you do not change your goals over and over again. “I want 10,000 dollars by the end of July” is an example of a goal for you and you should stick to it. It does not have to be your only goal but it will push you towards what you want and that is what’s great about this technique.  You now have a clean goal with a distinct frequency in which the universe is able to vibe with.

Other than that, a goal that is clear cut will become inspiring and exciting for you. Think of why you want to achieve your goal and what will happen after. It only fuels you with more motivation.

A goal that is described as “I want to be hired by company X after” is less exciting than “I want to be hired by company X by the end of this month so I can have more money to move out to a bigger home”. The latter will have you wanting it more thus staying on the path with the law of attraction. Your creative imagination about your environment when you achieve the goal will contribute to your positive emotions therefore helping in your manifestation abilities.

Last but not least within reasons as to why it is essential to have specific goals in the law of attraction is our ease in keeping track of it. Again, the law of attraction is not a one-off thing but will have to be embedded in our daily lifestyle or/and at least up till we have reached our measurable goal.

By having a timeline and amount in our goal description, we are able to revisit it easily as we dedicate a few minutes or more in a day towards it. Our body will then be tuned to doing even subliminal things in relation towards achieving the goal.

To conclude, there is no rush in creating goals you want to work with in the law of attraction. The universe worries about how we are to achieve the goal; the least we can do is define the specifics for an easier process.

We need to pay attention to how we feel and polish our goals as much until we are certain, confident and ready to start incorporating it in our every day thoughts.

You will notice that in being certain, you will never actually come up with a radical or unachievable goal because being specific with it means you can already see it when visualizing. Hence, the manifestation process becomes greater.