5 Exercises to Increase Manifestation Power

Manifestation power has to do with the Law of Attraction whereby we hold within us a power to turn our dreams and desires into reality often through a series of exercises and mindful activity. These exercises will help us form energy with the right frequency for the Universe to respond to and in turn, giving us what we wish. We list 5 exercises below that can be performed to increase our manifestation power .


Visualization is key to the manifestation of our dreams. Within this there are many ways we can practice the Law of Attraction. Imagining your goals or a different likelihood of yourself daily, you help your visualization power to thrive.

Set aside about 10 minutes a day to produce some images in your head. A vision board is actually a good tool to put your imagination into a physical form for a daily reminder. Your mind will become used to producing images and these images will only grow in strength and volume over time. You will be sending the right signals to the universe to reciprocate your desires at the same frequency.

You can also use meditation as part of your visualization practice to calmly have a few minutes with the universe. Start picturing your life with your goals achieved and by always focusing on them, the gap in achieving these goals will become smaller to you because it will be a norm in your daily routine. It is up to you how you want to meditate but never limit your imagination as you explore and discover the patterns of your desires.

For an even more powerful effect, combine your visualization with your meditation. There are some great tools that you can download that can help with this. One of the better ones at the moment is the mind movies matrix.


Write As Many Lists As You Want

Every time you put on paper what you want, you are also sending that very energy out into the universe. Every time you look at the lists you’ve made as well, the things you want become engrave into your subconscious comfortably until you yourself stop all the conflicts preventing you from achieving them.

From the list, you can form constant notices of what you want and place them in easy to view places like your purse, car, desks and all that you will look at throughout the day.

Use Music

A playlist of your favorite upbeat and mainstream songs are a sure win towards the Law of Attraction. But you have to visualize what you desire while listening to the songs. Do this daily until you find yourself being reminded whenever you hear the songs outside of your playlist at random. This will keep your desires in check on your mind every day and you will never lose momentum in manifesting your dreams.


Live Momentarily in the Alternate Universe

The alternate universe, in this case, is one where you already achieved your goals and current desires and are now living life in that way instead. What is different about the life with your desires? How much has changed and what do you think is better about it?

Begin writing all that down in a pretend like manner. Better yet, send e-mails to a fictional friend depicting how your life is with your accomplishments and goals achieved. You can send it to yourself or just compose a draft and save it.

Just like making lists, what you write down gets sent to the universe in a positive ball of energy and is only attracting what you ask for back to you. You can do this as often as you like to keep the ball rolling.

Give Thanks

A vital exercise for the manifestation of our dreams is to possess gratitude. Being thankful sets a high frequency in the vibes we give out to the universe not to mention will set your energy right to receive more in the future. Many believe that without gratitude, we do not show love to the universe for all that it has given us and in turn, will attract less and less of our desires.

Be thankful when you are able to walk and perform your daily tasks. Say ‘thank you’ for all the things that made you smile throughout the day. You are indirectly practicing patience to get through the challenges that you will have to face. Also, you can be more devoted and list 5 things you are thankful for in a day, each day, in a journal. This will keep your gratitude in constant when genuine and humble.